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Final Draft Writer app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 3536 ratings )
Business Productivity
Developer: Cast & Crew Production Software, LLC
9.99 USD
Current version: 3.0.4, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 28 Aug 2012
App size: 76.48 Mb

The makers of Final Draft – the #1-selling screenwriting software in the world – now bring you the Final Draft Writer™ app for iPad and iPhone.

Final Draft Writer lets you write, edit and read Final Draft scripts on your iPad or iPhone. Create new scripts or edit existing ones with easy-to-use features such as Tab and Enter navigation, ScriptNotes™, SmartType™, and more.

Easily move your Final Draft 10 scripts from desktop to iPad or iPhone and back again via iCloud, Dropbox, or email. Your scripts will appear perfectly paginated and formatted to industry standards every time.


• Go paperless and carry all your scripts with you everywhere you go
• Send or share your Final Draft FDX file between multiple platforms and always be on the same page with Dropbox or iCloud
• Character Highlighting allows you to keep track of your characters for table reads or character development
• Add, color-code, label, and edit ScriptNotes or General Notes
• Perfectly paginates to US Letter and standard European (A4) page sizes
• Send feedback directly through the app
• Easily change script elements with classic Tab and Enter functionality or through the Elements bar (iPad) or Menu (iPhone)
• SmartType™ remembers your character names, scene headings and more
• Shows Active or Collated Revisions with Colored Pages
• Multi-page Title Pages are supported for TV production scripts
• Search your entire script for characters, locations, or other script elements
• Saves the last page youre working on to get back to work quickly
• Scripts written in 14 different languages appear exactly as they do in the desktop application
• iPhone Page View shows 100% accurate Final Draft pagination, formatting, and line breaking
• Bluetooth keyboard support
• Professionally formatted TV, Film, and Stageplay templates to help get you started
• Automatic Mores and Continueds
• Includes production features like Scene Numbering, Omit Scenes, Colored and Locked Pages
• Quickly switch from one revision set to another
• Export scripts to PDF via Dropbox, iCloud, or email
• Track key information with Cast Reports, Scene Reports, Location Reports, and more
• iPhone Scene Navigator allows you to easily jump to different scenes in your script
• Access all of the tools you need while maintaining context in your script in the iPhone Tools Menu
• Header and Footer editor


“Where has this been all my career?!? I put it through its paces doing a rewrite on the go-go-go. Does a great job. This is a real step forward! What more do you need on the road? (Maybe a chauffeur?)”

David Seidler – Writer / Academy Award® winner
The Kings Speech, By Dawns Early Light, Tucker: The Man and His Dream...

Pros and cons of Final Draft Writer app for iPhone and iPad

Final Draft Writer app good for

Or at least the best one on the market. I was unwilling to shell out the money for the Mac version and decided to try the iPad version for under $15. Worth every penny. Now writing swiftly in standard script format. Exports to PDF for printing, uses iCloud. Couldnt be happier.
When Final Draft Writer first came out, it was a very big deal. A game changer for a longtime user and fan of Final Draft that allowed me to take it along on my iPhone or iPad. Especially in series television with multiple scripts to write or staff drafts to revise, you need every square inch of time to be productive. As an executive producer who had a very long train commute to the New York studio every day, FD Writer was essential to being productive in what otherwise would have been trash time. This update of FD Writer has beautifully taken that convenience to the next level. You can read the features are on the App Description, so you don’t need my list here. But the overall takeaway is this: Whatever you loved before about FD Writer, its a better experience now. Sync between multiple platforms (iPhone, iPad, laptop) is seamless. The iCloud and Dropbox integration has been reliable and trouble-free. The navigation in script is intuitive and feels even more like the full desktop Final Draft. Especially when I use my Bluetooth keyboard (essential for those of us who despise typing on glass). If you’re a screenwriter out in LA, you may not be writing on a train. But it’s not just for train writing. Also airline writing, Starbucks writing, even car wash writing. Hey, ten free minutes is ten free minutes. The only problem with FD Writer? There’s no excuse not to keep drafting because your script goes everywhere you do.
I love the idea of writing on my iphone but edits are impossible. I was trying to split dialogue with action but the tab refused to create the action line. It is fine writing forward but going back to shift space in lines of action and dialogue is not happening. I have to use a laptop now to finish my script
I have been waiting to buy this until I was able to use with my ICloud account. This app has everything I need as a screenwriter. Highly suggest.
Seriously this makes writing screenplays so much fun! The app has ALL of the features that FinalDraft desktop has. Its also made smart by that typing in character names and stuff is done automatically. The interface is clean. The app is fast. And it supports icloud syncing. Dropbox syncing works too, but I turn it off because I get annoyed of the "syncing with dropbox" alert that keeps popping up. To the developers: it would be nice to add in folders for my scripts. Instead of one long list of all of my scripts a folder nested view would be nice. Otherwise.
Wonderful app to keep the scriptwriter going when away from the desk

Some bad moments

Ugly interface, slow réaction when typing and it doesnt provide other languages.
So this iPhone app has an iCloud integration. But the Mac app doesnt?? Its ridiculous. The iCloud folder doesnt even show up on the web and Macs iCloud Drive.
This app has always been overpriced for both iOS and the desktop. Constant bugs, formatting errors. The best is when it tells you that a 3rd party app has messed up the xml formatting of a document that has only ever been used in final draft. They code finger pointing directly into the error messages. If this software is the industry standard, the industry can do better.
Having used Final Draft for the past 17 years and been an avid fan, I am deeply disappointed in the app. I decided yesterday to attempt writing an entire screenplay on the app for the first time, utilizing the nifty new iCloud capabilities. I was pleased for the first five pages; it worked without issue. Now, at page ten, after switching scripts momentarily to copy something, all of my text has been randomly jumbled and rearranged. Random letters and half-words have been shifted to completely different pages and inserted into the middle of character names or sluglines. Whole lines have disappeared. Luckily I happened to copy the entire script before I switched out, but even when I try to create a new document or replace the existing script with the copied text, the entire app crashes and overheats the phone. On the odd occasion it doesnt crash, the file accepts the pasted text, claims to be "saving", and then shows me a completely blank document. There is no way to force/manually sync, so youre constantly wondering whether the document is actually uploading or not. In my case... not. Im just supposed to accept that the five pages I wrote are lost? No dice, Final Draft. Give us the option to pull down and refresh to make sure were saving. I cant recommend this product because nothing could possibly be worse for a writer than being on a roll and pounding out ten pages, convinced youve nailed it and worded it perfectly -- probably the best work youve ever done -- only to have it disappear. For the record, I am using a mint condition iPhone 6S Plus, fully updated, with no other apps running in the background. The problem cannot be me. Its either the app itself or the iCloud integration, but either way... my text should be shuffling around. I use plenty of text apps that preserve a document until a proper sync can be achieved. Great idea, poor execution. Get it together if you want to stay a leader in this industry. I have free apps that perform better.
No difference with this app and celtx App doesnt work with drop box or sync well with PC OR MAC
Final Draft on iOS is not only buggy, its dangerous. After 3 hours working on a Dropbox synced file on my iPad mini, it would refuse to sync (I had a good wifi connection). Then the file reverted back to the old version. So I lost 3 hours of work. I promptly deleted the app. On my larger iPad Pro, Final Draft skips around whenever I select text. Totally unusable. The only workaround is to use split screen mode, which defeats the purpose of using the larger tablet. So it appears that the developers were too lazy to test the app on the pro, or with Dropbox. Complete garbage. Do not use.

Usually Final Draft Writer iOS app used & searched for

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