Final Draft Writer App Recensioni

Buona, ma bug!

Allora, costosissima, buona, ma bugga come chissà cosa, al momento vale 0, perchè ogni volta che vado a capo dopo una transizione, lapp si chiude. Da migliorare perchè ora non vale nulla, ora non si può neanche usare! Miglioratela.


I am using the app and I am glad to have it on my iPad and I am hopeful that the issues will be cleared up in the future. For instance Opening a FDX file is not alway successful . The formatting is lost. Other times though it does it perfectly. Page numbering is not automatic, though formatting your footer with page number is fine. There is no help with spelling that I know of. The interface for saving is fingers crossed. There is no save as. Inserting a word or editing in general is clunky and frustrating. The magnifying scene navigation takes precedent when trying to insert and the cursor jumps around. All that being said, it’s good to have it, and I look forward to the improvements in the near future. I must add that today I had a great 3 hour session on a script and I took a break to eat lunch. When I got back to it all that work was GONE. Geez. Update Things are better. Usable, stable. Glad to have it! What is the deal?

New Update...

I just installed the new update and now I can’t open up a project file I have synced in Dropbox. I was just using it fine on the older version. I’d really appreciate any quick assistance with this. Thanks! — Darnell

Solid if used properly

I have been using this app since Beta testing. The app just gets better and better. I use Dropbox for sink between multiple iOS devices and a Macbook 12 inch and a MacBook 11 inch. It is very important to sink before modifying any file and to make backups every time you close your work! You should only work on a single device at a time or you will have sink issues. Works like a charm! Cheap for the work it does.

Frustrating crap. Doing it manually is easier.

I had notes I wanted to cut and paste into the script. Unfortunately I discovered YOU CAN’T PASTE INTO THE APP, so flowing all the dialogue I wrote from other apps—even from notes—didn’t work. The interface is sluggish and clunky. A waste of money.

Great for the most part!

Love this system for writing! Only issue I have is when I need to move the cursor the screen tries to run away instead of allowing me to select a location. The other issue that is kind of bugging me is that, while it memorizes scenes and character names and the like which is great, it doesn’t allow you to remove them if you made a mistake. That mistake stays memorized in it system. So for the most part this is a GREAT writing system, with a few bug fixes I would say amazing!

Pretty impressive

I am very impressed by the Ipad version of this program, in fact I think I like it more than the PC version because it is a bit simpler to use. I do have one question, are there more templates we can download? I am particularly looking for a comic script. I guess I can use the screen play script but I like the comic script in the full version not a big deal but would be cool to have.

The most functional

I enjoy using final draft. It was required for school but after not having any type of writing software, I found this to be easier than me setting tabs and such. I can even use the voice dictation when using my iPad. I’ve registered a couple of my scripts directly from the software. Very practical and easy to use.

As an iPhone app it's average, as an iPad app it's great.

Final Draft on the iPad is an excellent companion to the desktop app, and in many ways, is also superior. Even as a standalone all, you'd have all the basics covered and may not even need the desktop version. It would be great to have scene views and reports as well, but in terms of getting a story on the page, this the best-in-class for iPad screenwriting.

Very good solution for iPad users

Early reviews had me concerned but I have mostly enjoyed my use of the recent version of Final Draft Writer. Many of the problems discussed most likely come from the awkwardness of the transition of the iPad from a tablet to more of a notebook style computer. I would not want to exclusively use Final Draft on an iOS devise as it can be cumbersome even on an iPad Pro, but it works well for me as a secondary option. Over time, as users forsake pricier/outdated Airbooks and MacBooks, this product will need to improve to incorporate some of the excellent features of the desktop version, such as a scene view, notes, etc. Then, of course, it will most likely cost more as well.

Very good software! Save Frequently!

I used Movie Magic Screenwriter for years and mainly avoided Final Draft because of the price point. I’m very pleased with the software. It’s just as responsive, as MMS with all those bells and whistles such as auto-formatting, spell-check, etc. But I don’t see a way to do simple tasks like permanently remove character names. It has crashed a few times so Save and send copies of your scripts to yourself frequently!! Yes, the program does auto-save copies but better be safe rather than lose pages of inspired dialogue.

The G.O.A.T

This app is great due to its convenience and able to sync with drop box it saves me a substantial amount of time when writing projects.

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Horrible...

Final Draft lost 3 important projects I had been working on for months. They’re telling me that when you receive the error message “Not compatible with...” this means your script is corrupt and is unrecoverable, all because I went between iPhone while I was on the bus, and iPad and PC while at home. I thought this was what the software was designed to do. I guess not. This is heartbreaking beyond repair. Months of hard work down the drain. Looking to replace this app, effective immediately, and will transfer the rest of my files elsewhere.

Simple, easy, worth it, love it, GET IT..!

I am no writer at all, but i decided to write my own script since I am an Actor and I want to be more in the eye of the audience and directors and producer ...etc Friends told me this program cost $300 in the time they wanted to write but I found it in the App Store for $10.00.., maybe the price will change later. I also found it online for my MacBook for for like $129.00-$199.99.., this app you can use it on an iPod Touch or iPad or apple phone. It’s super simple to use I love it, this is my first app I have to actually ever write and it’s a really great investment. If you want to invest in your future get this app. ... Instagram: @iampedrohollywood Facebook: Pedro Hollywood

Fast customer support

My last review for this app which didn’t seem to work correctly was pretty harsh. Since then I have run into some pretty awesome customer service support from the developers and have updated my review. The app is back to the way it was for now and I am back to work again.

No new functionality, forcing us to pay again!

I did not ask for this upgrade. I already paid $50 for this app. Now you’re asking for another $10 to continue to use it, with no tangible increase in functionality. This is outrageous. Deleted it, switching to Fade In. UPDATE: Problem fixed with an update the next day. Thumbs up for that, thumbs down for releasing a major update with such a big bug!

What a joke. These people are LIARS

Update: Version 3 says if you’ve previously purchased you will get writing/editing functionality for free. Downloaded and guess what, no wait you don’t have to guess with these guys, Restore doesn’t work and they require that I pay. Liars! Now you can’t even delete a file in portrait mode, and only barely can in landscape. Moving to slugline.

So So Happy

¡Awesome and Soooo easy to use !!!

Crashes within seconds

Before the update, I'd been able to use this for working on my screenplay. Now, it crashes almost instantly after I open the app. When I am able to start writing, I only get a couple words before crashing. I rely on this app for screenwriting, and will be waiting impatiently for another update.


I love the idea of writing on my iphone but edits are impossible. I was trying to split dialogue with action but the tab refused to create the action line. It is fine writing forward but going back to shift space in lines of action and dialogue is not happening. I have to use a laptop now to finish my script and it cant open pdf. Only its own file type

Do not buy

Same issues as the other reviews. A nightmare compared to the desktop version of Final Draft. I’m surprised that the development team gave a green light to this app, as it has so many bugs and is so difficult to use in a streamlined way.

Dropbox keeps freezing

I was having problems with syncing my scripts from my Dropbox when I didn’t have connection and I was only on WiFi. I thought it was my iPhone. But after I got the new one. Same problem. It never syncs right. Then it doesn’t recognize the files or the formats are blank . . It’s really frustrating for a New Yorkers that’s on and off of areas with reception. I’m giving up on the app.

Crashes within seconds

I’m a writer. That’s what I do. I have several scripts that I want to work on and my computer broke. I thought I was fine to work on my iPad but that’s not a possibility. Every time I open a script, within seconds the app crashes and the whole thing shuts down. I paid a bunch of money for this program in particular because of it’s ability to work with the same script on multiple platforms. The app‘s been like this for a couple of patches now, haven’t been able to work on my iPad for months. At this rate, I think I’m going to just go buy scrivener.

New update still unusable on iPad Pro

I was very excited to see a new update, expecting the selection bug to be fixed on my iPad Pro. But it’s not. The same frustrating and dangerous selection behavior is still there. When I tap on a word and try to expand the selection to the rest of the sentence or paragraph (a very common action), the selection will immediately start scrolling out of control and select text across dozens of pages. If I then make the mistake of pressing any key. Boom. I lose dozens of pages of work. On top of that the app crashed in the first minute of use. Also every time I select anything, the page scrolls up for no reason, quickly pushing my selection to the top of the screen. One return and the text scrolls out of view. So I’m constantly writing on the very top line of the page and continually scrolling down to compensate. Infuriating. I’m at a loss why basic word processing behavior that has worked fine on every other iOS app for a decade is so elusive to these developers. This is supposed to be the best, most legitimate screenwriting app on the market. Yet it’s unstable, unusable and destructive. How can Final Draft allow such poor development of their famous software on iOS? Anyone thinking of buying this for their iPad - Please stay away until these issues are resolved. Unfortunately after years of disappointing updates, I doubt this will ever happen.

Good App but Very Annoying

I want this app to be great, but every time I type, the screen scrolls further and further down until I can’t see what I’m typing. It’s very annoying to have to keep trying to center my text after it keeps automatically scrolling too far. If this scrolling issue is fixed I’ll raise my rating to 5 stars, but you’re better off using another screenwriting app in the meantime.


Among the other things that I’ve posted (that haven’t been addressed), this app doesn’t automatically capitalize the letter “i”. That’s ridiculous. THEN, when you do aa search and replace, this app doesn’t let you search specifically for only the letter “i”, it finds EVERY letter “i” in the Text which makes it useless. This is not a good companion piece to Final Draft which I have used since 2001 - it just isn’t. There are other free apps that you can use and then feed the doc right into your home Final Draft and boom, you’re good. Don’t waste your money. Until they address all of my issues, then it ain’t worth the $20 (or however much they lower the price, ‘cause they will).

Issue with selecting

It’s been really hard to work because the selecting lines to cut or copy works very poor. Hope this can be fixed. Hope to hear some recommendations. Thx

They have dropped the ball

This app is no longer acceptable if you are a professional writer working on a deadline. FD was clearly not ready for iOS11. I used this app as my main writing tool before the update. Now it constantly freezes and crashes. And the customer service response has been nothing but “it’s apple’s fault.” Sorry FD. If I have to go buy a laptop now, you can bet I’ll be using MovieMagic going forward.

Needs fixing

I can’t use icloud to save scripts, they only save onto the phone. Can’t paste things from my notes app since the newest update, and it freezes a lot. Kind of a rip-off since I paid $20 for this thing. Fix it or reimburse me

Almost there

I first tried this app years ago when I got my iPad 2. At the time, as functional as it was, it just wasn’t practical. Too much scrolling, zooming, tapping... It was great for meetings where I had to make quick edits, but not for actual writing. Flashforward to now, things are much improved. With an iPad pro and bluetooth full-size keyboard I can actually work at page size with relative ease. I’m in a TV writer’s room and it’s been a great stand-in for my laptop in terms of weight vs. screen real estate— mainly, in that on my desktop I can look at a full page at once, but on my laptop I could not. Now I can turn the iPad vertically to see a page in true size and easily scroll. My only two complaints are big ones though, and they are both features that come naturally to the computer version. First, highlighting large bodies of text is a nightmare. With no mouse you have to double tap a word, then drag your finger. The problem is when you get about 3/4 of the way down a page the scrolling jumps to super-fast mode and you’re suddenly 4 pages down. Basically, if you have to drag near a page break, it makes giant leaps ahead. Second, and this is probably an IOS limitation, no command keys really slows me down. It would also be great if script notes were accessible, but I understand that the mobile version can’t have everything the desktop version has.

Works great with the new update.

I’ve been using final draft for several years. Some updates made it bad some made it better including the latest update for iOS 11. The iPad and phone version are the compact version of the full desktop software which is top notch. I recommend for all the users having issues with this app to listen to the developers help because they are efficient and do care about making the everything better. Top notch on the go app and name brand software.

Constantly freezes

I’m starting to look into other screenwriting apps since this one constantly freezes for minutes at a time, then chimes in for maybe one minute and freezes again for a few minutes. It’s a constant vicious cycle that has stifled my ability to write ever since this started a few weeks ago. Sometimes it crashes and deletes what I had been writing prior to the latest freeze. I kept checking to see if another update to fix this if others were having issues, but I haven’t seen anything yet. I’m afraid of uninstalling and re-installing it for fear of losing the work that I’ve done. I hope that y’all fix this issue soon, or I’ll have to use a different app to write.

Cannot access OneDrive files

No access to OneDrive. Microsoft is a big company with global users.

Page numbers don’t show up!

Very frustrating! I cannot insert page numbers! It does not work. Fix this!


Typing a double dash — makes the app crash. Too much.


I called tech support twice and got a snarky person on the phone trying to pawn the problem off on iCloud. The documents don’t open from either Dropbox or iCloud but they claim somehow claim it’s not the app. If you can’t open documents in the cloud and then save that progress then it renders this app basically useless and final draft won’t stand by it. I wish I could leave it zero stars but it’s literally a useless app.

Great app

This is a great app. Well-designed, functional, and intuitive. Final Draft is the industry standard!

Thanks for updates (still some bugs but they're working on it)

UPDATE IN RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER RESPONSE: Adding undo/redo and command-key functionality for Apple's or any external keyboard is incredibly simple on iOS (I have a coding background and assigning shortcuts is easy as pie, just tie it to the Final Draft's existing proprietary undo/redo functions, whereas it currently is unassigned and therefore tied to iOS' default undo behavior, which creates undo-redo history problems in Final Draft). Saying that the iPad app is only designed to work with the onscreen keyboard is absurd. Why make a Final Draft Writer app - whether it's designed as a companion app or not - if you can't WRITE on it? You expect professional film and TV writers to only type with a hunt-and-peck onscreen keyboard? That's impossible. I appreciate the fast response but not having basic undo/redo command functionality accessible via an external keyboard like Apple's own iPad Pro keyboard is crazy, especially when it's a change that can be made in Final Draft Writer's code in less than ten seconds. -------- PLEASE ADD "REDO"!!! If I undo typing something, I want to be able to redo. It's very frustrating to accidentally undo one too many times, lose a bunch of dialogue that took time to craft and never be able to get it back again. Redo seems like basic functionality that should be in the app by now. (I'm using a Smart Keyboard and maybe this is an issue with using command-Z and command-shift-Z to undo and redo, respectively). SCENE HEADING BUG IS STILL HERE: Scene headings change arbitrarily all the time. You type a scene heading, you hit return and sometimes, especially if you have multipart scene headings (e.g., "BEDROOM - JOHN DOE'S HOUSE - DAY"), the scene heading changes to some other random scene heading that the app selects from the SmartType list of scene headings (in my example above, the whole line is deleted when I hit return and the scene heading just reads "- DAY"). On top of which, this doesn't behave like the desktop app at all and then when I hit undo, sometimes it will undo more than just the scene heading, and as noted below, there is no "redo", so now I've just lost whatever was "undone" forever. I also still wish that the keyboard shortcuts (I'm using Apple's Smart Keyboard) were a little more consistent with desktop. I especially would love command-F to open up find and replace - I use it ALL THE TIME on the desktop version and miss being able to quickly search in the iOS app. Instead, I have to drill down using options on the screen to get to find and replace. Final note/request: I very, very much appreciate the attempt at better Dropbox and iCloud integration but it's still odd to me that this forces you to use a specific Dropbox folder designated by Final Draft. I have my own Dropbox folder structure and wish I could just navigate my full Dropbox folder hierarchy (which I've built up over several years of work and works for my workflow) rather than Final Draft Writer trying to force me to use a specific folder they've created in my Dropbox. So this version still has issues for me but I'm very appreciative of the Final Draft engineering team lately. They're working to address issues and working much more quickly than they have in the past with the iOS version. Thanks!

Can't Save Progress

Can't save progress on scripts imported from iCloud

Tired of Corrupted Files

It seems that every time I get going on a file that is saved either on Dropbox or iCloud that it gets corrupted and the coding gets all scrambled. I have also run into the problem where you can't enter a new scene heading followed by the time of day. I've read the developer's responses and it irks me that they are acting like there's no problem. I've been down this road before with this app and I'm tired of cleaning files only to have them corrupted again. Time to give it up.

Great app

This has been a lifesaver especially cause I can work on the go.

Still formatting issues

I first bought this app when it was still $50 back in 2014, my power charger to my laptop broke so being in film school at the time I had no option but finish all my scripts on this app. Despite for the spell checker not begin anywhere near the PC version it held up and got me through it. I would rate the 2014 version 4/5 stars. This review is based on its current 2017 version. The good news first, the spell checker is much better, even better to the PC version I would say. This time around I had similar issues to 2014, this time my laptop blew up and had to revert to this on the longest most important script so far. So in an effort to get my script to this mobile version, I had to plug my external drive to a library computer and sent the version of the script to my email. I then took my iPad and went to my mail app and long pressed the attachment of the script and when the apps popped up to choose, I chose Final Draft Writer and the something odd happened. Once it appeared in the Final Draft Writer and after I tried to open it a message popped up, it said this: "looks like the xml in this file has been improperly formatted by a 3rd party application, should we attempt to fix it for you". Which for one was in correct, because there were no 3rd party apps, only final draft PC version and this mobile version. Once you hit ok because that was the only option to enter the script, everything was improperly formatted. By that I mean Character, Character Dialogue, Scene Heading, everything excluding action is under General Heading, so in order fix it you would have go individual into each one, and one by one fix all of them into the proper setting. On top of that all the script notes disappeared. I then called final draft customer care and I spoke to the same customer rep and he found the issues odd as well. He did go above and behind to try to help me, however he was unsuccessfully. He asked me to send him version of the script from the hard drive, once I did, he sent them back to me formatted. However the page number and word count was different from the original script file, so I don't know what was that about. Maybe the formatting he used either counted the page and word count differently or it may be that part of script unintentionally deleted when he was trying to format it and there were no script notes on his file that he formatted and sent to me. He then offered to send me my script notes from the script in a separate file, once he did I could not open them because the format was not supported on Final Draft Writer, so that didn't work either. So in the end I was stuck. I had incorrectly formatted files from the rep and my files incorrectly formatted by the app and a busted computer so I was stuck. Luckily like my character in my script, I never gave up, I spend close to 6 hours and two days messing around with the app and the files, resending them and I figured out the solution and it's a strange solution at that. I'm going to write it here in case anyone reading this has the same issues. This is only assuming you have your script file on a hard drive and sent it to your email. On your mobile device, preferable an iPad. I don't know what the problem was but here is the recipe: 1. You go to your email on the iPad 2. Press and hold on the script attachment till the app windows pop up to chose an app. 3. Choose final draft writer, then it will appear on your final draft writer, DON'T OPEN IT YET. 4. Then the left of the script file there is mark to slide, slide the file and options will appear to rename and move and etc. choose move. 5. You'll see more options in the move option, like iCloud, iPad will be grey since it's already on it. The option that you want to choose is Cancel, your not actually picking an option, strange I know. 6. Once you hit cancel go into your file and it will be properly formatted and all your script notes will be there just like it was on the PC version. Aside from this issue Finally Draft still has a long way to go with its options. I would pick Storyist, this problem didn't occur with Storyist on top of that you can color code text, which I do all the time. Final Draft you can't color the text only the notes, which is odd. On top of that if you have multiple notes in the same spot there is no way to tell if you have more than one note in one spot, in Storyist, it tells you. Who knows if these things will be added in later version , Storyist has those options and much much more and you can easily send files to Final Draft from Storyist.

Maybe it's just me.

I can see from other reviews that there seems to be big issues with the running of the app. I'm new to screenwriting so I'm still learning the application from the inside out, as well as learning the format as I go along. I've had the application and my iPad Pro for just about a month now and I'm very happy so far with how the app has been running for me. No problems with scene headings or anything like that. I hope for those who know the full writing software continue to voice their opinions with problems on the app so those like me who are learning will realize when there is an issue that needs to be addressed.


How can such well known writing software be reviled on the iOS? Whoever is coding the app should really adapt to the ipad features. Split screen functionality should be standard. The app is unusable when put in split screen. The saving features, I am scared to death of. Reading other people's reviews and how they're saying they're losing their work thanks to the updates and saving, I'm afraid im going to turn on the app, one day, and have all my work gone, for some reason. And the company won't do anything about it.

Not a fan, better than nothing

Still no support for Google Drive. That's the biggest gripe I have. There is a lot of functionality in the Mac version that is sorely lacking from the iPad version. It would be a stellar tool for those on the go if they'd just make it a little more robust and capable.

Shares Your Writing

This app completely violates your privacy and shares your content with 3rd parties. Ban this app.

There is still a Scene Heading problem!

For the past few versions, I have had a problem with scene headings. For example, if I type EXT. HOUSE - ROOM - DAY and hit ENTER, the heading changes to some old heading, and I can't add the new heading. I contacted support a few months ago, but the technician said it was an isolated incident and may be a problem with my IPad, but I see that another user has this problem. This issue happens with and without my Smart Keyboard, so it is a software issue, not a hardware one. Please fix this, this shouldn't be happening to a professional screenwriting software.


Installed it on my iPad Pro. Wrote half a scene and it froze my iPad. I have never had an app freeze on my iPad. Congrats Final Draft, you managed to freeze my iPad. And, I lost all that I wrote.

Broken again

The most recent update finally allowed iPad Pro 10.5 inch users to actually type in their documents, but now the "Email PDF" function is broken and does absolutely nothing. I really wish the dev team would actually bug test their updates before releasing them - this is getting ridiculous.

New update nightmare

Everything has been great with this app until I updated this week. Doing so somehow erased my last 3 months of work. When I attempted to edit off a backup I thankfully had, the app crashed, then reformatted 65 pages of script into paragraph form. 65 pages. I can't recommend the current version until they fix it.

Really awful.

I downloaded this app - which frankly should embarrass the daylights out of its creator - so I could work on a script (for which I face a very tight deadline) while I was stuck on a boat. The app is INCREDIBLY SLOW. When I touched the screen on my iPad Air 2 to place the cursor, it took over 5 seconds for the cursor to reposition. When I type, I am at least seven words into a line when the letters begin appearing in staccato. And if you make a mistake and backspace, you will ALWAYS backup too far and erase something you didn't mean to. I just spent $19.99 on this utter fail of an app. I'll come back and give it TWO stars if I miraculously get my money back.

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